0-3 North Pownal Rd, Pownal, VT 05261


Picture your home, or camp, or lodge nestled against the trees overlooking the quintessential Vermont farmscape below and the hills across with their ever changing colors for every season. Various options exist, from setting a home in the open field with unobstructed views or behind a hedgerow in an upper pasture which would provide maximum seclusion and privacy. The rear property line shares 300’+/- with the permanently protected Nature Conservancy 75 acre preserve which would allow for hiking at any time. A test pit was dug to assure suitability for a septic system although a formal perc test would be required when the time comes to build, in the location preferred by the buyers. A minimum driveway will be needed of at least 800′ up to 1,600′ depending on where a buyer chooses to build.

Listing by Paul A. Harsch III, HARSCH ASSOCIATES