• Tom Elder

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help in this process and also for your generous gift.  When we started this process we didn't have much hope, and now we are homeowners.  I didn't think I would ever be able to say that.  We are mostly moved in and enjoying our new home.  Thank you for helping this family secure our future.  Thank you for helping to make the process so smooth, I can't imagine the process going any better.  

    Gordon, Jennifer and Max

  • Kim M Burnham

    Selling our home was super easy and non-stressful with Kim Burnham - we highly recommend Burnham and Gold Real Estate. Kim listened to all our concerns & understood the importance of getting our home sold. Our home was a hard sell, due to the location and size - Kim helped us decide on a realistic selling price!!! Kim and her team brought us many interested & qualified buyers. After only a few weeks on the market, we received an offer. Kim helped us negotiate an acceptable price and encouraged us to meet & work with the buyers.

  • They really love me in every way

    I felt the love! I got my house

  • You Did It

    "Hard sell but you did it. I appreciate all of your hard work." - MS

  • Thank you so much

    "Thank you so much for...helping us get this project on its way!" -EW

  • Professionalism and Care

    My husband and I wanted to write in to highlight the professionalism and care that Vivienne Jaffe took while helping us relocate to Williamstown. Vivienne is dedicated to her clients and went above and beyond to find the right fit for our family. She is a wonderful agent and an asset to the Burnham Gold team. We highly recommend Vivienne.


    The Gleason Family

  • Experienced/Professional/Knowledgeable

    If you are looking to sell your home - we highly recommend Kim Burnham. Kim listened to all our concerns & understood the importance of getting our home sold. Her market analysis helped us to decide on a realistic listing price. Our house was advertised in different media markets which brought us many interested & qualified buyers. After only 2 weeks on the market, we received an offer. Kim's negotiating skills were invaluable & helped bring us to an accepted contract. Kim continued to guide us through every phase of the sale till closing.

  • She listened carefully

    Becky Gold helped us sell our house and buy a new one.  She listened carefully to what we needed (both in the selling and buying) and was an incredible help at every stage of the journey. Becky is fun to work with, and he made our house sale and search very enjoyable.

    She is very customer focused and knowledgeable about real estate.  She took great care in all the paperwork and negotiation and was a great advocate for us.  Most important, she helped us succeed in all our goals to sell our home, and purchase a new home with all the criteria we were looking for.  

  • Above and Beyond

    Sarah went above and beyond the call of duty to help get our house sold. She stuck with me every step of the way. Sarah has incredible knowledge of the local market (Williamstown can be a rather unique place to buy and sell) and provided me with a market analysis that was simply incredible in the detail included. She knows who sold what, when, where and for how much!

    Sarah was always responsive to requests for assistance or to answer questions. She has an amazing ability to deal with buyers agents from initial offer to closing.

  • Thank you, Kim

    We used Kim for the sale of our home this past week. From the start, she was a huge help. She helped us decide what needed to be done to present the house for sale in the best light, while minimizing the costs of those fixes. She helped us price the house correctly and react to changing market dynamics. She advertised the house well, and ran quite a number of open houses, both for local agents and buyers. She was timely, efficient, and appropriate in her dealings with offers, and shepherded us and the buyers through the closing process in the same manner.

  • Tom Elder

    Since it was my first home-buying experience, I really needed some guidance. Tom was helpful, informative, and a guide anyone would want on their side. Thanks Tom!