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A lifelong Northern Berkshire resident, the past forty-four of those years in Williamstown, Kim is excited to merge her long standing real estate career with a group of such current and innovative realtors.  Kim graduated from Mount Greylock Regional High School in 1975, traveled and attended Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

Owner/Broker Associate
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A Williamstown native, Rebecca is thrilled to offer prime Berkshire living to her clients.  After graduating from Mount Greylock Regional High School in 1994, Rebecca went onto complete her undergraduate degree at Ithaca College, earning a bachelor of arts in 1998.  Returning to her home in Williamstown upon graduation, she worked within the public education field and completed her master of education degree from 

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Another one of the members of Burnham Gold Real Estate is Williamstown native, Sarah Fleury. Sarah’s break-through in the real estate business began in 2011 and she joined the team with a very strong background in business.

Broker Associate
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Longtime real estate broker Tom Elder, has joined Burnham Gold as of March 18, 2013. Formerly the owner of Elder and Asscociates Real Estate, Tom is a resident of Williamstown. Tom is a past president of the Northern Berkshire YMCA and past board member of Northern Berkshire Regional Hospital and has also served on both the Board of Realtors and the Board of Multiple Listing Services. Tom is a lifelong resident of North Berkshire and military veteran.

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A Berkshire County native, Erin has been a Clarksburg resident for over thirty years. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, studying psychology, social work and early childhood education. Since completing her undergraduate degree, Erin has worked in early childcare settings, mental health services and provided private child care

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Jane has a life-long passion for the northern Berkshire region.  Her family settled here in the late 1800's, making her a fourth generation resident.

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Lisa is a Berkshire County native and has been an Adams resident for over forty years.  She earned both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.  Lisa has worked at Mt. Greylock High School for many years.


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Suzette has worked in Berkshire County in the financial services industry for over 17 years.  As a Bennington County native, the Berkshires have always felt like home to her since her family grew up in Williamstown.  She received her Master in Business Administration from Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts, and her BS degree from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.  Her experience working for a land finance company has given her a diverse background in specialty finance and real estate.

Licensed MA Sales Agent
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Born in Cheshire and raised in Williamstown, TJ has long considered the Berkshires his home.  TJ attended Ithaca College, lived and worked in the Boston area, and married Jaime; when it came time to raise a family the two returned to Williamstown.  After moving into a three-unit investment property they had their first son, Jack.  Upon outgrowing that property, TJ and Jaime gutted and remodeled a single-family home and welcomed their second son, Nate.  As their needs continued to change, the family of four moved into a 200-year-old home in South Williamstown and welcomed two new additions t